before sunrise/before sunset


Let me sing you a waltz

Out of nowhere, out of my thoughts

Let me sing you a waltz

About this one night stand

You were for me that night

Everything I always dreamt of in life

But now you’re gone

You are far gone

All the way to your island of rain

It was for you just a one night thing

But you were much more to me

Just so you know I hear rumors about you

About all the bad things you do

But when we were together alone

You didn’t seem like a player at all

I don’t care what they say

I know what you meant for me that day

I just wanted another try I just wanted another night

Even if it doesn’t seem quite right

You meant for me much more

Than anyone I’ve met before

One single night with you little Jesse

Is worth a thousand with anybody

I have no bitterness, my sweet I’ll never forget this one night thing

Even tomorrow, another arms

My heart will stay yours until I die

Let me sing you a waltz

Out of nowhere, out of my blues

Let me sing you a waltz

About this lovely one night stand


出自原声碟《before sunrise / before sunset》

其实是两本电影,《before sunrise》 and 《before sunset





电影就结束了。但是我想那杰西应该不走了, 那明明爱的人就在眼前,为何要走。

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